Indulgence for body and mind

A facial will remove dead cells, clear clogged pores, increase skin cell renewal and reduce puffiness and sagging. Facial massages aid in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage; they also help prevent the onset of wrinkles with the relaxation of the facial muscles.


Remove dead cells, clear clogged pores and increase skin cell renewal Reduce puffiness and sagging. Face massages which aid in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage they also help with the relaxation of the facial muscles which can slow the onset of wrinkles on the face


45mins refresh facial $60
(clean/exfoliation/face massage/mask)

60mins relaxation facial $80 (clean/exfoliation/steam/extraction/high
frequency/face massage/mask)

75mins deep cleansing
facial $100 (clean/exfoliation/steam/extraction/HF/eye brow

90mins rejuvenate ultrasonic facial $135
(clean/exfoliation/steam/extraction/HF/ ultrasonic/face massage/eye
brow shaping/mask/neck shoulder massage)

90mins 100% Collagen facial $125

Facial treatments are performed by certified estheticians and are
tailored to each individual’s needs or skin concerns. We are committed
to carrying the finest lines of products.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.